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Head of Marketing
Head of People & Performance
To start a career in Kraft Heinz, you would apply for any of the vacancies that we have published. The process initially will be a selection through the talent acquisition process or let's say the talent acquisition team will contact the candidates. They will do the assessment or they will do the interview and then there will be a short list where the line manager of the specific department will then do the interview and then there will be a committee where the applicant will present either project or an assignment and they were presented to the committee and then he or she will be selected for the role. If we are doing the recruitment over here in Dubai and then definitely however if the recruitment happens in Turkey or in any other location then the relevant team will be traveling over there and we'll be doing the assessment or the interviews over there. But definitely starting a career with Kraft Heinz is not necessarily limited to one function so if you start in the Finance Department that does not mean that you will necessarily remain in the Finance Department, if you have affinities for another function or you would like to develop into another function or role and that is possible at Kraft Heinz.
Head of Planning
We are pretty much as a team so I obviously a team of about 12 people and looking like 50/50 between the model planning and supply planning so a lot of interaction between the different teams making sure that what the guys in the morning of forecasting they needed getting from the supply team and that they have the communication channels open in terms of ensuring that you know what needs to move from point A to point B is clip is correctly planned and that everyone is aware of which is which other priority so we spend a lot of time together as a team you are in the same room going to the detail and a lot of supply and demand planning is really the detail in a do you know each order you know what's the status of each other isn't on time is it like what are we doing to expedite it we go but once a quarter will go out to meet our customers so because we have a monthly cycle and we talked to him at least once a month as part of the planning process we try to do that on site at least once a quarter and I try and get to most of the suppliers at least once a year and as most of them are placed across the globe you need to kind of limit the travel as much as you can but when there's an issue you know we would go to the supplier and go and sit with him and try it out on site so about 80% would be in office and 20% would be reaching out to either the customers or suppliers on these sites.
Head of People & Performance
Head of People & Performance